A new sister

It’s been well over a week since I’ve spent time in my study – we were fortunate to have a study seminar last week with Paul Pollard from Harding teaching the Gospel of John – an excellent week.  At the end of the previous week there was great rejoicing as Jacqueline Donnelly obeyed the gospel.  We contacted her through the simple means of a leaflet introducing the congregation being dropped through her door.  She contacted us, which led to a visit, which eventually led to a study, and a year later we have a new sister in Christ.  Amazing!

I’ve often been told that leaflets are a waste of time (even here where I am now working).  It is great to see that simple things like putting leaflets through doors still reach some people.  My conclusion: we need to do everything we can do to reach the lost.  Keep Jacqueline in your prayers!


2 thoughts on “A new sister

  1. I have misplaced Jon Galloway’s email address. Could someone please send it to me.


    Clif Hinds
    Humboldt, TN

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