Knowing what the mission is

Many people have a strong sense of mission, but have little clue as to its nature. Doing good for God is about as exact an idea as they have. With such vagueness, it’s no wonder that little is actually accomplished for good.

The Word of God is clear what Jesus’ mission was and what ours is, as his followers and imitators.

We need the tools and the means that will allow us to accomplish that mission in the most efficient and effective way, in the least amount of time possible. But until we are clear on the mission’s objective, everything else will be but mere thrashing around in the bushes.

Giving in hard times

Christian giving

On his blog Chris Gallagher writes on the topic of what to do in case of loss of income. One good point he makes is especially important for Christians.

#4 – Reevaluate Your Values – There will be people who lose income and immediately cut out things like charitable giving, but continue [to] eat fast food every day with their family; do not be those people. Support the values you believe and let your family know that you will not sacrifice giving for a quick fix. Continue reading