God to generic prayers: How do you want me to bless them?

It is commendable that one would be aware of those who have left home and family to take the gospel to remote places around the world and the need for God’s blessings on their ministry; but I find myself wondering how God must respond to such generic appeals. Which missionaries? Where? How do you want me to bless them? via God Bless the Missionaries | Splash Everywhere.

Take away the denominational language and theological bugs in this article, then see if this article has something to say to us. Whatcha think?

Two Christmas Eve prayer requests

Please pray for dona Ritinha, whose husband has just passed away. We’re awaiting word about the burial, which will likely occur tomorrow. She is a faithful Christian who participates in our home group studies, and has remained faithful in spite of her two daughters falling away. Her husband was not a Christian.

Also, our friend and former neighbor, Edson, has been in the hospital for over a week, with a stroke, diabetes, and an unknown bacterial infection. He’s a bit younger than I. I visited him today. He’ll be hospitalized until after the new year, doctors say. His son Caio and our boys were good friends.

A blessed Christmas to all.

[I meant to send this to my GoSpeak site, but posted it here by mistake. But perhaps it will result in more prayer!]

Do missionaries feel the greater burden of ‘serious praying’?

Watchful prayerMike Brooks writes today in Forthright Magazine about “Serious Praying,” an excellent reflection based on two important words in 1 Peter 4.7. Recommended.

Let’s be sure to pray for Mike’s return from Asia to the US.

The question his article brings to mind is this: Do missionaries and all those who are seriously engaged in doing the Lord’s work to save souls feel a greater burden to pray with greater seriousness and devotion? Do their personal situations and the souls upon whom they have set their sights urge them to more fervent prayer?

What do you think?